Web Hosting - Enhanced Service
Service Description
This service consists of a combination of centrally managed, shared pool of hardware and software resources which houses and controls websites. It provides a platform allowing customers powerful, scalable and reliable hosting based on clustered load-balanced servers.  

Customer Benefits
  • A standardized, dependable cost effective server environment meeting business needs.
  • Website is load-balanced to handle multiple requests.
  • A reduced physical server presence and reduced hardware and software costs.
  • Operating system managed and maintained by ETS to include current operating system, security updates and patches.
  • Monitored environment.
  • Steady predictable costs.

    Customer Responsibilities
    • Server specifications, requirements, application dependencies and networking requirements.
    • Identify public and non-public access requirements as well as any other needed security requirements.  
    • Provide ETS with a valid billing number for charges.  

    To request the service, the customer must call the Technology Support Center at 307-777-5000. 

    Customer involvement is essential to resolving issues; therefore, the customer will need to provide the appropriate knowledgeable resource(s) to work with ETS.

    ETS Responsibilities
    • Installation of subsequent upgrades to operating system, including scheduling the timely application of critical and non-critical service packs and patches and new versions of operating systems for supported platforms.
    • Rebuilding the operating system and restoration of data in the event of hardware failure or security breach. 
    • Backup and restoration of operating system as required.
    • Installation, maintenance and administration of anti-virus.
    • Monitoring system utilization, performance, availability and notification to client of issues affecting performance.
    • Backup services as contracted by the customer.
    • Assisting with the installation of application software 
    Incident Response and Resolution
    An incident is any interruption in the normal functioning of a service or system. ETS staff respond to the customer (i.e acknowledges and confirms receipt of incident ticket and respond in accordance with the ticket escalations time frames. On-call personnel are available for emergency response during non-business hours.

    They will also work with the service provider on behalf of the customer to resolve any issues in order to restore service as quickly as possible.

    Maintenance Schedule
    It is our intent to provide consistent system availability and communication for our customers. To maintain our systems and services, we must complete necessary work while also limiting the amount of time systems or services are unavailable to our customers, we have established three maintenance windows.

    Weekday   Start time End time  Type
    Sunday  5:00 am  7:00 am  Any Enterprise - non network related
    Monday  2:00 am  6:00 am Network only
    Thursday  4:00 am  6:00 am  Any Enterprise - non network related
    Outages will be minimized or canceled whenever possible. An agency may make a special request for a specific day and time when applicable or when maintenance may interfere with an event. ETS may also work with the agency to schedule additional time when maintenance will require longer periods to complete. ETS schedules extended outages twice per year. The extended outage dates are negotiated with the customer at the beginning of the year, and typically run from 6:00 p.m. to midnight. If a shorter outage window is required, the outage will be scheduled between 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

    Weekly ETS Scheduled Maintenance Summaries are available on the ETS Website or you may have them emailed to you by signing up for Notifications.

    Service Rates

    Service      Cost  Unit
    Enhanced Service -Web Hosting Service  $40.00  Per website, per month

    If you have an immediate need for this service, please contact the Technology Support Center at 307-777-5000.

    For general inquiries regarding this service, please contact your Business Analyst (BA) or ets-process-innovation@wyo.gov. The BA will work with the agency to answer questions, provide quotes on services and arrange with ETS service provisioning.