Out of Warranty Parts - Enhanced Service
Service Description
Computer and peripheral support, also know as desktop support, is a comprehensive approach to managing all of the personal computing devices within an agency, including laptops, tablets and State owned mobile phones. It includes an array of tasks, such as setting up new hardware, installing software, troubleshooting incidents, administering program patches and providing encryption and antivirus solutions.

Customer Benefits

ETS professional assistance includes timely troubleshooting, remote and/or on-site, to diagnose and resolve standard and/or unique, non-recurring issues. In the event of a hardware failure, ETS can provide a spare computer (inventory pending) until a customer's computer is repaired and returned.

Customers are provided a team of skilled technical staff and enjoy cost savings by not incurring additional expenses for personnel and equipment associated with monitoring and maintaining the service.

Customer Responsibilities

Asset Management - Agencies are responsible for procuring and maintaining licensing of their hardware and software, as well as maintaining the inventory of the same.

Device Support and Management -
Agencies are responsible for ensuring employees have completed required security training, reporting incidents to the Technology Support Center by calling 307-777-5000.

ETS Responsibilities

Hardware and Software Deployment - ETS will set up computers, printers and mobile devices. This consists of installing anti-virus software, remote administration tools, implementing endpoint encryption, deploying updates, migration of customer documents and enabling users to access the State network via VPN when needed, in addition to configuring a baseline standard set of software including a current operating system, bound to Active Directory for management.

Device Support and Management - ETS will provide ongoing support of computing devices, including diagnosing, repairing, patching, and upgrading all software and devices to ensure optimal performance.

Access/Authorization Management - ETS will unlock and reset passwords and maintain security groups and users in accordance with enterprise architecture standards.

Service Level Objectives
The following criteria are the quality of service benchmarks established as the expected performance goals of this service.

 Category  Evaluation Criteria   Target
 Processing Parts will be ordered the same day as the request is received. As soon as the parts are received, the tech will be advised and installation of parts will be completed as soon as can be scheduled. Parts will be available to the requester within 5 business days

Service Rates

 Service      Cost  Unit
 Enhanced Service - Out of Warranty Parts  Cost plus 5%  Each item