Mainframe Services - Enhanced Service

Service Description

Mainframe services will continue to be available to existing customers only including:

  • Adaptable Database System (ADABAS) - Access charges for the database management system on the mainframe.

  • Batch Services - The execution of a series of programs (jobs) running without user intervention to complete an automated data processing schedule.

  • Customer Information Control System (CICS) - CICS enables transactions entered from remote terminals to be processed concurrently and in real time by application programs.

  • Disk and Tape Storage - Disk  transfers data to memory devices and digital high-speed redundant media. Data is migrated to tapes, which are stored in an automated tape storage library for ease of retrieval, making it available for retrieval as appropriate under record retention rules, and disaster recovery.

  • Time Sharing Option (TSO) - TSO is an interactive time sharing environment allowing for multiple users to access the mainframe system concurrently and securely.

  • Output Decollating Services - Jobs’ output can be filtered and redirected through the Control-D product reducing the need to send reports’ outputs to a printer.

  • User Access - Provides secure account access to authorized data residing on the mainframe.

Customer Benefits
Customer benefits include the continuation of mainframe hosted business systems and migration assistance to other platforms, according to the needs of the agency.

Customer Responsibilities
Current customers will need to provide specific requirements needed and detailed task descriptions to migrate from mainframe platform to a new solution.

ETS Responsibilities
ETS will manage incident response and resolution services via the Technology Support Center. Additionally, ETS will provide system monitoring/alerting as well as routine maintenance as needed on the mainframe.

Service Level Objectives
IBM z/OS mainframe provides > 99% uptime and service to state agencies with service recovery capability protecting against major disasters.

Service Rates

Service      Cost  Unit
ADABAS  $1.75  CPU second
Batch Services  (*A 20% discount is applied if jobs run during non-prime time hours. Prime-time hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.) $1.70* CPU second
Customer Information Control System (CICS) $2.20 100K
Disk and Tape Storage $0.03 1,000 track hours
Time Sharing Option $0.95 CPU second
Output Decollating Services $2.50 1,000 lines
User Access $4.00 Per ID, per month