Google App Engine - Enhanced Service

Service Description

Google App Engine is a cloud computing platform for developing and hosting web applications in Google managed data centers.  

App Engine offers automatic scaling for web applications. As the number of requests increases for an application, App Engine allocates more resources for the web application to handle the additional demand.

Customer Benefits

  • No physical servers or server space required

  • Datastore App Engine applications have a 99.95% uptime

  • App Engine can sustain multiple data center outages without any downtime

  • Many of the system administration and development challenges of a scalable application is removed

  • Reduced development time

Customer Responsibilities
If the need exists for an application to be developed, the customer should request this service by calling the Technology Support Center at 307-777-5000. The customer should provide all necessary information to include the business requirements.

Note: Cost for development time is not included with Google App Engine.

ETS Responsibilities

Once the need is determined, ETS will work with the vendor to implement Google App Engine.

After the request has been submitted and approved, ETS will assist with determining if the application can be developed in-house or if a contract is required for vendor development and support. ETS will provide the vendor with existing Legos (already developed application pieces) if necessary.

Service Level Objectives
The following criteria are the quality of service benchmarks established as the expected performance goals of this service.

Category  Evaluation Criteria   Target
Processing Completion criteria for Google Apps Engine and development of an application will depend on the request.  TBD

Service Rates

 Service      Cost  Unit
 Enhanced Service - Google App Engine  Cost plus 5 %  Monthly