Extension to Cellular

Service Description
Extension to Cellular (EtC) is a solution allowing Enterprise Voice System (EVS) office phone calls to be routed automatically to cellular or home phones. The call-all feature is used to transfer calls between an office phone and cell phone, when the user moves from one to the other and needs to take the call mobile.

Customer Benefits
This solution makes it easier to conduct business with an EVS office phone, regardless of physical location. It can be turned on and off via a programmed button on an office phone, or by dialing remotely using a EVS feature access phone number.

When this feature is active, all calls to the EVS extension will ring on both the cell phone and EVS office phone. If a call is not answered before the programmed number of rings, an extension will send the call to the EVS voice mailbox. If the cell phone sends calls to voicemail in fewer rings, it will do so first.

Calls can be transferred between the two phones when necessary. For example, if EtC is enabled and a call is answered on the office phone and needs to continue but you want to leave the office; the call can be transferred to the user’s cell phone programmed on the office phone, and visa versa from cell phone to the office phone.

Please Note: Extension to Cellular is only compatible with certain EVS phone sets. Please be sure to include your current phone information when requesting assistance with this service.

Customer Responsibilities
In a collaborative effort to ensure ETS is providing the best possible customer service, the following are key responsibilities of the customer.

To request this service, please submit this form or email ETS-workoder@wyo.gov. In the request, identify which EVS number (desk phone number) and which state cell phone number should be linked together.

ETS Responsibilities
To ensure ETS is providing the best possible customer service, the following are key responsibilities of ETS staff.

ETS will provide information on how to use this service. ETS will manage incident resolution services through the Technology Support Center at 307-777-5000 to route the incident to the appropriate technical staff to ensure response, tracking and resolution. They will also manage and maintain the equipment and software necessary to provide the Extension to Cellular service.

Service Level Objectives
The following service characteristics are the quality of service measurement for the performance of service provided by ETS.

 Category  Evaluation Criteria   Target
 Availability  Requests for cellular extension can take up to 15 business days,     maximum, from the time request received.  15 business days     
 Incident  Responsiveness Cellular extension issues are resolved the same day and no longer     than 24 hours 24 hours

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