Enterprise Storage & Backup - Enhanced Service

Service Description
As agencies move toward less paper intensive processes (reducing physical storage costs) the need for electronic storage and backup of data has increased significantly. ETS offers several levels of storage services, including automated backup services to accommodate most data disaster recovery and data retention policies.

Tier 1.5 Storage - Designed for critical documents, images, other non-transactional data requiring high performance and high availability.

Tier 2 Storage - Designed for non-critical data which does not require high performance or high availability.

Backup & Recovery - Tapeless backup (disk-based) is provided for all disk storage services.

Customer Benefits

Data retention compliance - ETS provides skilled technicians who can consult and advise on best practices, as well as respond to provisioning, monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting needs.

Inexpensive off-site storage of data for disaster recovery - Provides cost savings to clients by reducing the need for specialized agency personnel, training and retentions expenses. Reduces the need for equipment and/or off-site rental space.

Management of scheduled of backups - Enterprise backup services provide business value by ensuring your data is successfully retained, stored and available for recovery.

Recovery of lost files - Peace of mind the data is backed up on a schedule in case of physical/natural disasters.

Replication - Creates a real-time copy of data in both the primary and secondary data centers and significantly improves recovery time in the event of a disaster.

Customer Responsibilities
To request help with this service, please contact the Technology Support Center at 307-777-5000.

ETS Responsibilities

ETS staff will provide server client installation support, off-site disaster recovery of backup data, and recovery of data assistance.

NOTE:  If an agency decides to manage their own backups, ETS and the customer will collaboratively work to transition the backup environment from ETS to the customer. The agency will be responsible for performing their own data restoration as necessary. ETS enterprise administrators will handle Windows Updates through Windows Server Update Service (WSUS).

Service Level Objectives
The following criteria are the quality of service benchmarks established as the expected performance goals of this service. The measurement is provided here, Job Stats.

Category  Evaluation Criteria   Target
Availability Rubrik Backup and Recovery  99.99%
Incident Responsiveness Rubrik support staff responds to the customer (i.e acknowledges and confirms receipt of incident ticket) within 30 minutes during State of Wyoming official business hours.  95%
Incident Resolution Rubrik support staff resolves incident within 4 hours.  85%

Backup Schedule

Schedules are generally a full backup on a Friday or Saturday, with daily incremental backups occurring the remainder of workday evenings.

Standard retention periods for
Rubrik backups are:
Backup Increment   Retention Period
Daily Incremental backups  2 weeks
Weekly Full backups 2 months
Monthly Full backups 6 months
Service Rates
Service      Cost  Unit
Enhanced Service - Tier 1.5  $0.10  Per GB
Enhanced Service - Tier 2  $0.04  Per GB
Enhanced Service - Rubrik Backup and Recovery   $0.40  Per GB