Directory Listings - Enhanced Service

Service Description

Directory Listings allow agencies to list phone numbers in published public phone directories in the government section of the white pages as well as 411 Directory Assistance.

Customer Benefits
This service provides the customer a way for its constituents to obtain contact information for an agency through the phone book and 411 Directory Assistance.

Customer Responsibilities

To request this service, please submit a Telecommunications Service Request via a Telesoft Work Order.

Additionally, it is necessary for the customer to provide a list of numbers to be printed in the directory, as well as information on how the numbers should be listed.

ETS Responsibilities
ETS will establish the service with various directory service providers on behalf of the customer, per the information provided on the Telecommunications Service Request.  

Service Level Objectives
The following criteria are the quality of service benchmarks established as the expected performance goals of this service. 

Category  Evaluation Criteria   Target
Processing Directory Listings are verified on a continual basis by the agencies.  Yearly renewal

Service Rates

Service      Cost  Unit
Enhanced Service - Directory Listings  Cost plus 5%  Per listing