Desk Phones - Enhanced Service

Service Description
A desk phone can be used to communicate between distant points. Where the Enterprise Voice System (EVS) is available, in-state long distance telephone calls are free. Some desk phones allow certain buttons to be programmed with a specific telephone number for speed dialing. The EVS supports internet protocol (IP) phone equipment, as well as legacy analog and digital equipment. The system also supports call routing, conference calling, call forwarding and caller identification (ID). Many calls around the State stay on the EVS and do not have long distance charges.

Customer Benefits
This service provides the customer the ability to call anywhere in the state and in the world. In-system calls, even to other Wyoming cities do not have long distance charges. EVS is feature rich with many capabilities available such as caller ID, call forwarding, conference calling, and call routing, making communication more efficient.

Customer Responsibilities
To request this service, please submit this form or email 

Customers will need to provide:

  • The location where the desk phone will be located.

  • The name to be provided on caller ID.

  • The agency paying the initial cost of the device.

  • Indicate if any additional services are needed such as buttons programs, calls routed or voice mail.

  • Provide the billing account information.

ETS Responsibilities

ETS procures, installs, troubleshoots, repairs and covers the warranty for replacement. If the equipment ever breaks, it will be replaced by ETS for free.  

ETS will manage incident resolution services through the Technology Support Center utilizing the ticketing system to route the incident to the appropriate technical staff to ensure response, tracking and resolution.

Service Level Objectives
The following criteria are the quality of service benchmarks established as the expected performance goals of this service.

Category  Evaluation Criteria   Target
Processing New desk phone requests will be completed within 15 business days, maximum, from the time request received.  15 business days
Incident Responsiveness Defective desk phones are usually replaced the same day and no longer than 24 hours.  24 hours

Service Rates

 Service      Cost  Unit
Enhanced Service - Desk Phone  $22.00  Per month, per device
Additional Service - Voice Mail  $1.65  Per month, per mailbox
Additional Service - Extension to Cellular  Free  N/A