Data Circuits - Enhanced Service

Service Description
Data circuits provide connectivity from one location to another or from one location to the internet. Costs depend on the speed and the underlying technology delivering the circuit.

Customer Benefits
Customer benefits include connecting a site to the internet to allow access from the site to anywhere in the world. A customer can also connect one site to another if the data transmission needs to be between two locations only.

Customer Responsibilities
To request this service, please submit this form or email

They will need to provide the address or addresses for the circuit, an estimate of bandwidth needed at the location or between the locations, and determine if agency budgeting will allow for the monthly recurring costs and any one time charges for circuit installation.

The customer will also need to provide the billing account information.

ETS Responsibilities
Depending on the type of circuit, ETS and/or the service provider will provide equipment to connect the circuit to the network in the building. Additionally, ETS will manage incident response and resolution services via the Technology Support Center.

Service Level Objectives
The following criteria are the quality of service benchmarks established as the expected performance goals of this service.

 Category  Evaluation Criteria   Target
 Processing New service requests will be completed within 15 business days from the time the request is received and transmitted to and from the provider. Depending on the location of the new service this may take longer for install if telecom construction is required.  15 business days

Service Rates

 Service      Cost  Unit
 Enhanced Service - Data Circuit  Cost plus 5%  Per circuit