Chromebox for Meetings
 - Enhanced Service

Service Description
Google Chrome Device for Meetings is a video/voice/data collaboration device, which uses Hangouts.

The device can be placed in a conference room or other meeting space to add these collaborative services and enhance meeting connectivity. The video is comprised of a small Chrome-OS processor, a microphone, speaker, webcam, and easy to use handheld remote control.

Customer Benefits
State employees may make phone calls with no long distance fees using the voice feature of the Google Chrome Device for Meeting. Each call allows up to 25 total participants.

State employees may also video conference with a total of 25 participants using the Google Chrome Device for Meeting. Participants within a video conference may also share their screen, enhancing collaboration.

Customer Responsibilities
To request this service, please submit a ticket through the HTS website at The agency will be forwarded a request form and will need to supply information regarding the intended location of the Google Chrome Device for Meeting. Information required include network connectivity preference, wall-jack number, the kind of display available, and calendar appointment preferences.

ETS Responsibilities
Once the device has been installed, ETS staff will provide training on the use of the device. Annual maintenance costs and maintenance will be coordinated by ETS and passed to each agency.

Service Level Objectives
The following criteria are the quality of service benchmarks established as the expected performance goals of this service.

Category  Evaluation Criteria   Target
Processing Chrome Device for Meetings requests will be completed within 15 business days, maximum, from the time complete information is received.  15 business days
Incident Responsiveness Chrome Device for Meetings incidents are responded to the same day and no longer than 24 hours.  24 hours

Service Rates

 Service      Cost  Unit
 Chrome Device for Meetings Maintenance Fee  $250.00  Per Device / Per Year