Business Analyst Service

Service Description
Business Analysts (BA) will help state agencies identify IT solutions to fit their technology business needs.

Customer Benefits

Agencies will benefit from BA services as the BA can provide the following:

  • BAs work as the liaison between ETS and agency stakeholders.

  • Understand and communicate ETS business processes to agencies.

  • Assist agencies in defining and creating the agency's IT strategic goals.

  • Assist in communicating project plans and progress reports to stakeholders.

  • Assist in collaborating for the purpose of creating, maintaining and following project plans for new system implementations.

  • Will help in preparing detailed business requirements and project plans.

  • Facilitates collaborative software and hardware development.

  • Assist with quality software and hardware coordination.

  • Assist with recording and documenting agencies IT workflow.

  • Assist agencies in identifying their IT needs and root cause analysis.

  • Help to identify risk, scope issues, and gap analysis.

  • Assist agencies with solving business needs in compliance with state IT policies.

Customer Responsibilities
Appoint a primary Point of Contact(s) (POC) who will have authority to help determine agency direction, approve scope and deliverables of IT projects, and help with identifying roadblocks. The POC will have familiarity with agency’s budget and be aware of fiscal procedures. Have knowledge of the agency’s strategic IT plan for future IT needs.

ETS Responsibilities
ETS BAs will coordinate communications with state agencies to provide the best possible customer service to meet the agency’s IT needs by providing information about ETS services.

Service Level Objectives
ETS will work with the customer to ensure business objectives align with their IT strategic plan for their agency to assure IT needs are being met. ETS staff will also conduct regular meetings with the point of contact to enable the agency to better manage their IT needs.