Application Programming - Enhanced Service

Service Description
ETS Business Application Solutions unit provides custom application programming to meet State agency’s business needs. ETS can help agencies apply the appropriate technology to best meet their unique business needs.

Customer Benefits
Utilizing the Business Application Solutions team provides several benefits. The customer will save more money due to lower hourly rates than those of private industry developers. They will have increased control over the project or request. In addition, these experienced ETS teams already possess existing knowledge of the State's current computer infrastructure.

Customer Responsibilities
An estimate will be prepared upon request by an agency for development time and must be approved and signed prior to the start of the project. Agency staff must be available for on-going involvement in every aspect of development to ensure the solution will meet their needs. Once the project is complete and the application is launched, any problems or issues must be reported through the Technology Support Center by calling 307-777-5000.

ETS Responsibilities
ETS staff will provide an estimate of billable work and ongoing charges. They will accomplish the research of the project and programming of the application. Additionally, they will perform the database and/or website implementation, as well as the database administration as required. ETS staff will also implement any requested software.

Service Level Objectives
ETS will meet the customer’s business objectives for the project and provide agile development approaches empowering the customer to control the direction of work. ETS staff will also conduct regular sprint backlog estimates to enable the customer to better manage the immediate and ongoing costs of the project.  

Service Rates

Service      Cost  Unit
Enhanced Service - Application Programming  $77.00  Per hour