Wyoming Government Cloud Utilization

The Wyoming Government Cloud (WyoGov Cloud) provides an enterprise-wide solution for server hosting and data storage utilizing the combined resources of the State’s two data centers. The WyoGov Cloud is about the delivery of computing and storage capacity as a service. The WyoGov Cloud provides a cost effective manner by which agencies can quickly deploy application environments without having to manage server infrastructure thus allowing agencies to focus on their core business. By moving purchases of new and end-of-life physical servers to the WyoGov Cloud, the State will see a major reduction in capital expenditures. These savings will go beyond just physical servers and will include cost benefits from: centralized purchasing, physical storage consolidation, centralized management, data center power and cooling, network hardware consolidation and data center infrastructure.

As ETS moves forward in support of technology consolidation there is the need to expand the primary storage to support a growing WyoGov Cloud. ETS has identified 1,600+ servers that are currently not in the WyoGov Cloud environment and that are or will be end of life by the 2015-16 biennium. Current storage associated with the WyoGov Cloud can support approximately 500 virtual machines, with approximately 400 virtual servers running at this time. One of the goals of consolidation is to reduce the number of physical servers located throughout State agencies. To facilitate consolidation and virtualization of servers, the WyoGov Cloud must be able to support approximately 1,000-1,200 virtual machines. In order to do this, additional storage is necessary to attach to the virtual infrastructure.