ETS Initiatives

Cybersecurity Initiative
Recognizing the increasing threat to the citizens of Wyoming, ETS is enhancing cybersecurity to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of technology services in State Government. As cybersecurity is a holistic and continuously evolving field of endeavor, the focus of the organization will go beyond the simple purchase of technology and focus on the development of cybersecurity services that are meaningful, cost effective, and comprehensive. In 2015 and 2016, there has been a focus on incident response and training which will remain a key part of the cybersecurity initiative going forward. In the field of cybersecurity, the most effective and cost conscious methods are delivered within the scope of a comprehensive cybersecurity framework. During the FY 2017-18 biennium, ETS will focus on selection and adoption of a cybersecurity framework to provide a baseline of protection for all of the agencies we serve. This cybersecurity framework will go hand in glove with risk assessment and appropriate technology implementation to protect the critical business needs of our stakeholders throughout the state.

The Cyber Response and Infrastructure Support Program (CRISP) was established in 2015 and formed under the commitment that state agency participation in the protection of critical data and information systems is essential. CRISP is comprised of a governance body and incident response team.

Data Center Power Upgrade and Migration
The Emerson Data Center is housed in a converted Junior High School, which is now a multi-purpose office building and data center support area. The data centers are approximately 40 years old. Some of the infrastructure, parts of cooling, electrical circuits, etc., is of the same age. Data centers on average need refitted every 7-11 years to keep up with changing technology and hardware. The Emerson Data Centers are being consolidated into one single entity and upgraded to 480 volt power to modernize how we support the newest hardware going forward. The 480 volts is needed due to industry standards changing from the 208 volt concept. The new Uninterruptible Power Supply and Power Distribution Systems mainly run on 480 volts and then convert that to 208 volts to support servers and storage hardware.

With the Capitol Square Project to renovate both the Wyoming Capitol and Hershler buildings, the ETS managed data center located in the Herschler building was closed. In order, to handle this additional load, ETS contracted with Wyoming companies offering Data Center services establishing colocation agreements. ETS is leasing space in hosted data centers that provide facility, cooling, power and physical security services. ETS provides physical servers and storage in support of state agencies. Colocation negates the need for building a state owned data center, with one of the main drivers being the capital expenditures associated with building and updating a large computing facility

Risk Assessment Initiative

Risk assessment is the first step in developing a secure computing environment. In the FY 2017-18 biennium, ETS will establish programs to conduct assessment of risk for ETS as well as to assist agencies in development of their own risk assessment plans. After the initial assessment, measurement of risk does not stop. As an ongoing and iterative process, risk assessment guides decision making and helps to protect agencies in the most cost efficient manner by moving the discussions of security, risk, and business needs to the forefront of project planning. By aligning an agency's appetite for risk, their business needs, and technology; ETS will be able to help agencies select cloud based and locally hosted resources to help them ensure that their security posture meets their business needs.

The Governor’s initiative of providing Google Apps for Education to the Wyoming Education community was made available January 2014. The State of Wyoming’s Wyo4Life project allows K-12, Wyoming community colleges, University of Wyoming, Wyoming alumni and numerous other educational entities the ability to utilize Google Apps for Education free of charge. Wyoming was the first State to implement Google Apps for Education for K-12, postsecondary and other educational entities. As of Fall 2015, the domain had 7000+ active user accounts and supported 7 school districts.

Wyoming Government Cloud Initiative
ETS is working on the transition to our next generation secure cloud through our ‘on Wyoming dirt’ providers that include Microsoft Azure, Ptolemy Data Systems and Silver Star Communications to name a few. By utilizing these partners, ETS is able to provide trailblazing technology to meet tomorrow's challenges that compliment our enterprise-wide solutions and unique needs from state agencies. Allowing us to be agnostic and pay only for what we need when we need it versus investing in one technology, further reducing costs

During FY 2017-18 Biennium will continue to grow the Wyoming Unified Network (WUN) to include more state agencies and will provide a great benefit to the State of Wyoming constituents that utilize the services that the agencies provide. The connectivity to the WUN will allow agencies across Wyoming to securely access enterprise resources and services such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services, video conferencing, and connectivity to data centers that are currently peering with the state through the WUN.