2017-06-17 ETS Work to Promote Efficiency and Reduced Spending

DATE:             June 29, 2017


                        HONORABLE DREW PERKINS                         HONORABLE JOE MACGUIRE

FROM:           Tony Young, CIO TY_Initials.png

SUBJECT:     Agency Work to Promote Efficiency and Reduced Spending

In response to: agency work to promote efficiency and reduce spending, including any prior studies completed or work done to improve agency inefficiencies

  1. A prior study was conducted by the Management Audit Committee, which led to the consolidation of IT and the establishment of ETS.

  2. Through the consolidation effort, IT positions were reduced from 283 FTE to 242 FTE.

  3. Every budget year, ETS works with each agency to analyze the use of our enhanced services (400 series) and collaboratively try to find efficiencies in what services they are utilizing.  We walk through each individual enhanced service in detail and encourage each agency to participate in these enterprise level services which can ultimately lower the cost of IT across all State government.

  4. ETS provides a quarterly “cell device zero usage report,” which is shared with agencies who then identifies devices that can be turned off.

  5. Enterprise solutions:

    1. LANDesk - enables ETS technicians to provide remote support reducing the need to travel.

    2. CrowdStrike - provides universal endpoint protection, increases our security posture and eliminated the need for two other applications.

    3. Unified Network - provides redundant high speed network connectivity.

    4. Cloud environment - provides anytime anywhere access, redundancy, backups, and a decrease to hardware and software purchases.

    5. Data Center co-location - provides a highly secure environment and redundant environmentals for State IT equipment.

    6. Enterprise database environment - provides for a single location for databases needed across agencies improving support, and lowering licensing costs.

    7. Trello - a free cloud solution providing task management to ensure items are being assignment and completed.

    8. KissFlow - a cost effective cloud solution providing a basic approach to approvals for process such as travel, training and purchases.