2015-05-18 Educator Credentialing, Assignment Verification and Reporting Update

DATE: May 18, 2015




Flint Waters, State Chief Information Officer FW_Initials.png

SUBJECT: Online Educator Credentialing, Assignment Validation and Reporting System

Tony Young, Deputy Chief of Staff, Governor’s Office

Jillian Balow, State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Andrea Bryant, Executive Director, Professional Teaching Standards Board


In 2012, the Department of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) was funded to implement an online Educator Credentialing, Assignment Validation and Reporting (Ed Cred) system in conjunction with the University of Wyoming, Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB) and Department of Education (WDE). The mandate is documented in 2012 Wyoming Session Law, Chapter 26, Section 326(e). The intent of the system is to provide an online credentialing solution for PTSB, assignment verification abilities for the WDE and a reporting avenue for the Legislative Services Office.

After extensive research, the ETS Executive Leadership Team determined the best approach would be to develop a system with in-house resources and contract for Subject Matter Expertise (SME). The small number of  responses for educator credentialing expertise was disappointing, but ETS moved forward contracting with Hupp Information Technologies (HIT). HIT had developed solutions geared at credentialing, but when reviewing their system it was found to be inadequate. The expertise had potential but HIT struggled to meet deadlines and ETS had to move forward using HIT in a limited capacity.

The majority of development for Ed Cred is complete. ETS has completed two user acceptance testing periods, the third testing period was delayed to refine the security features and was entered into on April 7, 2015. From the perspective of ETS the solution is 99% complete. We understand PTSB feels there are additional features required, but we have been unable to obtain a complete list of expectations since January 2014 and have now exhausted our efforts and funding in efforts to meet first, the legislative mandate and second, the customer's view of a perfect system.

The projected ongoing biennial maintenance and storage costs for this system is projected to be below $30,000. This amount is a savings of $154,000 compared to the original budgeted support costs of $184,000.00 per biennium.

Assuming there are no further enhancement mandates, ETS believes the system could be fully operational within 30 days of PTSB signing off on all known defects during the current user acceptance testing phase. A defect is an identified feature that does not perform as the developer intended, not necessarily as the customer would like it to function.

If acceptable to the honored Chairmen, ETS would like to demonstrate how the existing solution meets the legislative requirements during our presentation.


Past legislative reports are available on the ETS website at: http://ets.wyo.gov/cio-reports/archive.

Attachment A: Educator Credentialing, Assignment Validation and Reporting System Expenditures https://goo.gl/ERtDOm