Educator Credentialing, Assignment Verification and Reporting System






Flint Waters, State Chief Information Officer  




Educator Credentialing, Assignment Verification and Reporting System




October 24, 2013




Tony Young, Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Governor


At the request of the chairman of the Joint Education Committee, the Department of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) is providing an update on the progress related to the Educator Credentialing, Assignment Validation and Reporting System.

“Update on the development of the online educator credentialing, assignment validation and reporting system including acquired subject matter expertise, satisfaction of WDE/PTSB system requirements and the timeline for system deployment.”

2012 Budget Bill Section 326. Education Accountability Data Systems

Implement an on-line educator credentialing, assignment validation and reporting system

  • The Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB) and the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) have been providing ETS business requirements for the new solution.

  • The request for proposal (RFP) resulted in a contract with Hupp Information Technologies, Inc., which has recently been executed.

  • The project kickoff meeting with the subject matter experts, architects and ETS developers is scheduled in the first week of October.

  • The project team will be working with the subject matter experts, PTSB and WDE to ensure requirements have been fully vetted.

  • ETS has been building the web framework for storage, presentation and administration of the solution. Approximately 1,800 programming and training hours have gone into this effort.

  • A new business analyst has been hired for the project and started September 9, 2013.

  • Interviews for the database analyst for this initiative were conducted the week of September 16, 2013.*

  • A project manager for the project was hired and started September 16, 2013.

  • The attached timeline provides additional information on the development of this system.

Next steps:

  1. Proof of concept (POC) build expected within 60 days of kickoff.

  2. Target for phased alpha deployment involving stakeholders within 45 days of POC.

  3. Target for phased beta deployment within 45 days of alpha.

  4. Production date to be determined based on successful completion of the listed phases.

* It has been very difficult to hire and keep the type of expertise needed for this project in Cheyenne.