Performance Excellence Program

DATE:November 8, 2012
FROM:Flint Waters, State Chief Information Officer
SUBJECT:Performance Excellence Framework for Continuous Improvement
CC:Office of the Governor

In W.S. 9-2-2906 (b) (xiv), we are tasked with establishing a quality management model to ensure 1) agencies and staff have a method to provide feedback regarding the technology services they are receiving; 2) we are providing training on data privacy, protection and use; and 3) we are collaborating with agencies in assessing their needs, successes and improvement areas.  The information gathered is used for continuous improvement purposes.

Performance excellence is an integrated performance management approach based on continuous improvement leading to outstanding results. It’s a fundamental orientation and a systematic approach to leadership, planning, customers, workforce, processes, learning and results. The criteria used can be adapted to fit our unique challenges and culture, evaluate performance, assess where improvements or innovation are best focused and achieve the intended results.

  • The performance excellence framework is based on the Baldrige Criteria, which is used to guide organizations, improve performance and sustain results.  Data based on the achievement of our goals are gathered, analyzed and acted upon to ensure continuous improvement.   

  • Recognizing employee engagement plays a major role in ensuring they give their best effort even when times are tough, we have conducted an employee engagement survey.  The results are driving our planning to improve engagement. We will conduct this survey annually.

  • We have conducted a customer service survey gathering input on the quality of services provided during the Information Technology (IT) Consolidation and Transition processes.  We are using the results to improve our interactions with the agencies and adjust the processes where appropriate.  We will continue to survey the agencies involved in IT Consolidation throughout transition.

  • We are in the process of conducting data privacy, protection and use training and all ETS employees will be through the program by the end of November.  Included in the training program is a survey and the results are used to dynamically improve the trainings.

  • We have created a Technology Business Solutions team responsible with providing agency business support, customer relations, project management, contract management, IT procurement and asset and inventory management.  The business analysts are collaborating with agencies to identify business needs, successes and areas of improvement.

The real payoff of the Baldrige process is that organizations, including public organizations, undergo a rigorous and systematic self-examination, learn where there are performance gaps or what needs to be improved, and in fact, work vigorously and methodically to bring about positive change. The ultimate end is, therefore, for an organization to explore, to see or grasp its “working status or condition” and to improve within given time limits.