IT Consolidation Finalization Introduction

DATE:November 1, 2012
TO:The Honorable Governor Matt Mead
FROM:Flint Waters, State Chief Information Officer
SUBJECT:Information Technology Consolidation - Governor's Packet Overview
CC:Office of the Governor

The Department of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) is committed to meet expectations established in W.S. 9-2-2019 and 9-2-2901 through 9-2-2907. We began by working with the Executive Branch Agency Directors to identify the appropriate approach to consolidate State Information Technology (IT) employees. Parallel to this initiative, teams of new and existing employees collaborated to formalize the State IT Consolidation process. We have implemented a system that inventories IT roles per agency, places consolidated employees within optimal career tracks and maintains or improves agency service levels. We strive to ensure transparency throughout the process.

  1. Recommendations for IT Consolidation
  2. Position Counts and Recommendations for the State of Wyoming
  3. Position Counts and Recommendations by State Agency
  4. Detailed List of Positions Serving IT
  5. Position Reductions and Corresponding Savings
  6. IT Consolidation Budget Summary
  7. Organization Chart
  8. Business Case for Sustaining IT Consolidation
  9. Process Details - Performance Excellence for Continuous Improvement
    1. Leadership
    2. Strategic Planning
    3. Customer Focus
    4. Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management
    5. Workforce Focus
    6. Operations Focus
    7. Results

We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to move your technology vision forward for the State of Wyoming. The members of the Information Technology Policy Council (ITPC), previous A&I Director, Chris Boswell, A&I Interim Director, Dean Fausset and A&I’s Budget Office have been instrumental in this effort and we appreciate the time they dedicated to our mutual efforts.