Department of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) Efficiencies

DATE: November 8, 2012
FROM:Flint Waters, State Chief Information Officer
SUBJECT:Efficiencies - Doing More and Better with Less
CC:Office of the Governor

The State has enjoyed initial success in both shared services and collective human resources. It’s important to note that consolidation and shared services are related, but not synonymous. To achieve general cost savings, we have reorganized business operations to continuously gain knowledge about public and private infrastructure, related trends in business, and common solutions that lead to smart cost efficient services. Additionally, we are redesigning a vendor management processes to ensure we are receiving the best price for the State of Wyoming. Below are a few early successes that we have achieved in cost savings.

Voluntarily reduced budgetFY11/12 - FY13/14 Savings


5GB CenturyLink Internet connectionAnnual Cost Savings


State Unified NetworkEarly Cost Savings


Downsized mainframeAnnual Cost Savings


Moved to open source network monitoring solutionAnnual Cost Savings


State cloud virtualizing server needs rather than building an IT facilityOne Time Savings

$20,000,000 to $38,000,000

Circuit consolidationAnnual Cost Savings


To ensure economy does not supersede performance, we are implementing a Performance Excellence Framework and a separate briefing document with the details. Additionally, we have reconfigured our organizational structure according to the newly created State Statute. Collaboration and communication of individuals has proven to be critical in our efforts to improve.

*This savings was included in the reduced budget ask for FY13/14